Gallions’ Chess Tournament 2019

Today Year 3 to Year 6 took part in the annual Gallions’ Chess Tournament. Two children from each class played 5 matches against competitors from a variety of different year groups. Winners for each year group and an overall winner was decided. There were some hotly contested matches between all the children! The winners from each year group were:

Year 6

1st – Ati

2nd – Advyn

3rd – Austin

Year 5

1st – Humairah (overall winner)

2nd – Maximus

3rd – Kane

Year 4

1st – Justinas

2nd – Alexandra

2nd – Willow

3rd – Shayan

Year 3

1st – Elson

2nd – Lukas

3rd – Daniel

Well done to Humairah in Year 5 who was the overall winner!

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