Admissions (Reception to Year 6)

All admissions are dealt with by London Borough of Newham (0208 430 2000) and not by the school. Newham Education Department will give you guidance on how to apply for a place in our school. Please visit the links below for information or call the above phone number.

We liaise with Newham on a weekly basis to fill any pupil spaces we might have. We will then invite interested families to the school for an admissions interview. If the child has previously been enrolled in another school we will contact the previous school to have the child’s records sent over. This is an order to assess their ability to put them in the best class for them.

Parents will take a tour of the school at the admissions interview. If the family is happy, we will agree a start date and the child will be formally enrolled.

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Primary to Secondary Transition Information

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Nursery Admissions Policy

To ensure the admissions process to Gallions Nursery is fair, transparent and consistent.

Gallions Nursery is a 78 place nursery offering 2, three hour sessions each day

When a parent expresses an interest in their child attending Gallions Nursery they are asked to fill out a form available from the school office, or we can have one posted to home. We will provide you a list of necessary supporting documentation to complete registration.

Registration can only take place once a child is over 2 years of age.

If a space becomes available in the Nursery, the parent is contacted by telephone. If the parent cannot be contacted by phone a letter is sent and the parent is required to respond within ten days. If no response is received it is assumed that the place is not required.

The Nursery admissions coordinator will start to contact parents in April to offer places for the next academic year. Parents will be invited to take a tour of the Nursery, and meet Alison, the Nursery teacher.

Once Alison has met with the family she will give them a start date and we will formally enrol the child. This will involve an offer letter being sent from Gallions to parents, with parents signing and returning the acceptance slip in a prompt manner.

Order of Admissions
Children are admitted in age order depending on their date of birth. All children who are in the catchment area will be admitted before those outside it unless they already have a sibling at the school. The main admissions point of the year is the Autumn Term. Subsequent spaces may become available if children leave Gallions Nursery.

Children attend Gallions Nursery for up to three terms and will usually start at age three, becoming four by the end of the nursery year (August). Children born in September are admitted first, followed by children with October birthdays and so on.

If all children born from September to August were admitted during the academic year, the next cohort of September birthdays would be contacted and given the opportunity of a longer time in the nursery. Within each birth month children are contacted in order of how long they have been on the waiting list.

If multiple birth children (twins, triplets etc) are on the list spaces will be kept open until sufficient spaces are available in one session for all siblings to be admitted together.

Every effort is made to inform parents of their child’s progress along the waiting list. Parents are informed if their child is unlikely to get a place at Gallions Nursery and are advised to consider alternative provision. Where possible, links are made with children who have been on the waiting list but who are likely to be unsuccessful in receiving a place in the Nursery.