We pride ourselves that Gallions is an inclusive primary school that follows the inclusion practices of all Newham schools. This includes considering the provision for all pupils including; children with special educational needs (in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice), children who are more able, children who have English as an additional language, children with social and emotional needs.

Gallions also has a Resource Provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

At Gallions we aim for all children to be offered a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

All pupils should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential and their thoughts and views should be taken into account.

Creating an inclusive classroom and environment is the responsibility of the whole school and we appreciate the role that parents/carers have in supporting their child’s education.

Special educational needs and disability

Every child has individual needs that will affect their learning and sometimes children need special support to give them an extra boost or to help them catch up with other children of the same age.

They may need this support for a short time or a longer period, but during this time they will be part of our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Register and we will keep a close eye on their progress, look carefully at what special support they need and keep in close touch with their parents.

For more details on SEND please click on the links on the left to see the full summary of provision at Gallions and Newham’s Local offer.

Children with English as an additional language

Pupils at Gallions come from a variety of different cultural and religious backgrounds. Promoting equality will always remain a key focus throughout the whole school. We have the same high expectations of all our pupils regardless of their background and aim for all children to develop a sense of pride in their personal and cultural identity that is receptive and respectful towards other people.

We aim to create an environment where pupils feel safe and feel they can contribute fully, and where all feel respected and valued.

Behaviour, Social and Emotional needs

Inclusion takes into account all the needs of the children and these include how a child behaves. At Gallions we recognise that children’s behaviour communicates a need or is an attempt to solve a problem and some may need support with this. Children’s social and emotional needs need to be considered carefully if a child is to reach their full potential.

Learning Mentors support children across the school in a variety of ways and a major role is to run Nurture and Self-esteem groups to support as and when it is needed. These children are given the opportunity to speak about how they feel and to support each other.