Specialist Teaching

Our curriculum is extended and enhanced by our team of specialist teachers who lead the teaching of music, performing arts, philosophy and chess across the school.

Every year group is taught weekly by our Performing Arts teacher Ms Issy who develops Gallions pupils into performers through dance and drama lessons. Each year group will work towards the outcome of at least one spectacular performance each year.

Every child at Gallions receives a musical education above and beyond what is laid out in the National Curriculum. Pupils have a weekly musicianship lesson where they listen to and compose, learn musical notation and the history of music. Alongside this each child from year 2 learns a string instrument in a weekly small group lesson. Our children regularly perform at concerts or as part of our junior and senior orchestra.

We also have a lead teacher for Philosophy for Children and all children have a lesson each week, where they are able to explore and discuss their thoughts and opinions on our school values, topical issues and British Values.

Sometimes the specialist team work together across a year group on a collaborative project for example the year 6 production of the Grinch which encompassed drama, music, dance and set/costume design.