We are Time Travellers 2021

Each year, in the Spring Term, we challenge our pupils to become historians for our ‘We are Time Travellers’
project. They travel back in time and become experts in a period of history then decide how they can share
their expert knowledge with the whole school community. We all have very fond memories of our whole school museum last year and there was some concern about whether we would find a way to celebrate our
children’s knowledge this year. Luckily, our experience of learning through Google Classroom inspired us to
take our museums and expert knowledge online and all year-groups have created their own websites to share
their learning with you all. Please take time to look through, learn, ask questions and celebrate our learning in
history this term. We are once again very proud of our pupils!

Nursery – Dinosaurs

Reception – Dinosaurs

Year 1 – Victorian Times

Year 2 – People Who Changed the World

Year 3 – Prehistoric Times

Year 4 – The Romans and Other Invaders

Year 5 – World War II

Year 6 – The Kingdom of Benin