World Book Day 2019

Gallions celebrated World Book Day in style this year. The school was a sea of green frogs as every class read the mysterious book Tuesday by David Wiesner. The children were ribbit-ed! The children also got the opportunity to work in different classes for the day, as children from Years 1 to 6 were mixed up amongst different teachers. We loved seeing the Year 5 and 6’s leadership qualities emerge, as well as the care and responsibility they showed towards the younger children. The resilience and confidence shown from our younger children in unfamiliar settings was very impressive too!

At the end of the day, every class shared what they had worked on. What an incredible range of learning. Everything from poems, recounts, collages, sculptures, sound stories, drama and even green screen videos!

What an important reminder of the power of books and the amazing fun and learning that can come from just one text! Scroll down to read some of the amazing poems and stories our children wrote, listen to the soundscapes, as well as see photos of the artwork produced in different classes.


Tuesday, a poem, by Kheira in Year 6:

No-one knows how or why
but magic of some kind
cast its heart into the lily pads one night
and they began to fly
The frogs sleeping on them woke
mused, they grinned with satisfaction
they dived, swooped, looped the loop
(you can see they found this awesome).
The birds glared from gnarled elms
all jealous and glum.
“I’ve flew with my wings all my life,
I could have used a pad!” they hummed.
The flying frogs interfered humans
they disturbed someone sipping his tea,
floated in a house tunelessly whistled
“How lucky, how lucky are we!”
They scared a dog to bits in a field,
they chased him fast as a water spurt
till the poor pooch howled in fear 
as the frogs jumped in rear
and laughed till their sides hurt.
But when Big Ben struck six
and the sun climbed over the moor,
with a “croak!” and a fizz, a “wee!” and a whizz,
the flying frogs sank to the floor
The frogs hopped their homeward way
heaving unpleasant sighs 
for as they sulked on flightless lilies 
you should know they’d rather fly!
But next Tuesday in the darkness of dusk
flew a different thing
so look up high and feast your eyes
on barnyard pigs with wings…


A retelling of the story written in Tango class:

One dark night, in the gloomy pond something mysterious occurred. Long reeds swaying in time with the whistling wind. The moon let out a devious cackle while overlooking the green frogs. Suddenly, out of the blue, the frogs started to hover. Perplexed, agitated. The frogs raised into the dark, shadowy night sky. The slimy green frogs were floating over acres and acres of plains and fields astonished by the wonderful view.
Having fun as they go on until the frogs encounter something sitting on a mini pillion. It was black. It had beady eyes. It was…a…bird. The frogs mouth dropped in astonishment, it was dinner. The flying frogs rampaged right into the birds as it caused chaos. All over the birds flew and frogs followed until the frogs could no more see the birds.
Without noticing the frogs have entered a town, but to them a whole new foreign world. Hovering over buildings and buildings, the gang of frogs reached a bunch of neighbouring houses. As they were soaring through the neighbourhood a man caught sight of the frogs out the corner of his eye. Reaching the last few houses, suddenly the frogs heard the sound of sirens…
A poem by the children in Salsa class:
A stormy Tuesday. Awkward and mysterious

An apocalypse was witnessed far in the distance.

They twisted and turned across the black, lonely trees as the black birds slept on the dangerous wires.

Stuck frogs hanging onto the washing line

Black desperation in their big, round eyes.

The lazy woman snores. Frogs hypnotised by the TV.

Down under, the cat hides in shock and confusion.

The zooming frogs wave at the tired man. Lily pads drift by.

The breezy wind whispers as the lily pads splatter on the dry grass.

The mysterious frogs scatter in the darkness relieved to be back in their ponds

The confused detective staring in shock.

Lily pads dripping.

Then the shadow.

A stormy Tuesday. Awkward and mysterious

An apocalypse was witnessed far in the distance.