Year 4 – British Library Visit

Tango class visited a special Anglo Saxon exhibit at the British Library. Students saw some of the earliest pieces of writing ever created and even the Domesday book created in 1086 (pictured) was on display! Can you answer some of the questions students found on the day?
1. Name the five kingdoms Cnut was the emperor of
2. Who is the great grandson of King Alfred?
3. Can you identify the 6 parts of the Ruthwell Cross?
4. Where were the Viking raiders from?
5. Find the THICKEST book in the exhibition. What sort of book is it?
6. When was the earliest letter from England written?
7. What is the longest epic poem in Old English?
8. What is the Domesday book? What did it include? When was it written?
9. Find five facts about King Alfred.
10. Who is Emma of Normandy?