Year 5 – Fairplay House

Last week, Year 5 were lucky enough to visit Fairplay House for the day! Here’s what the children thought of their experiences:


I woke up at 5.30am, due to the fact that I had to go 1 hour earlier than normal school time. It was a complete rush house, I was extremely tired and at the same time really excited.
We arrived at 7.50am. 10 minutes later we saw all the coaches arrive, all the parents were waving goodbye. I mean it’s 2 hours and 30 minutes more not a big deal.
On the coach I felt a bit sick for 30 minutes. When we got to Fairplay House I felt very hyperactive.
Everybody went rushing down including me; the excitement increased extremely high.
We entered the house, they introduced themselves – Connor, Scott and Pete.
They told us the rules and what we would be doing it was pretty boring but finally we went to our first activity.
We got there, the first activity was the giant swing. At first I felt a bit scared but I decided to encourage myself.
Me and Fernando went first, he is a very good friend of mine, we were the examples.
We got on; everybody pulled on the rope and we went higher. I was a bit nervous, I was 10 metres high in mid air. We had to kung fu chop a green rope.
Me and Fernando did our last handshake “This is probably the last time I’ll see you.” I did one weak chop which didn’t trigger anything, the next chop was strong. We flew in mid air!
We did the same to other people then all of us went on the high ropes.



I would like to thank Pete, Jane, Connor, Dom and Scott (even though I have never seen Scott). But I would like to thank them for making my day at Fairplay House fun. The zipline was my favourite out of the tasks I did. When Connor told me to go on the zipline, I was a bit scared. I mean what if the rope broke and I come falling from the sky? And then most of the year group would never go on as I was the first to go. I then put all my fears on the side as my friends cheered me on; I could feel the freezing air as it made me twirl around in the thunder. And the view was outstanding from high above!



I’ll tell you, I was very scared of going to do the High Ropes but after I tried it, I felt like it was best just to crush your fears! After I tried it, I felt so brave. Fairplay House is the best experience you will have in school. Be fearless and go! There are plenty of activities to try at Fairplay House such as Archery, High Ropes, Zipwire, High Swing and Orienteering. Fairplay House is filled with adventure! There is adventure after adventure…


Zion’s Letter to Year Four:

Dear Year Four,

My name is Zion and I’ll be telling you about Fairplay House. The swing you might have heard about is really big, you might be scared when you first see it but you will really like it. It’s really safe because they strap harnesses on you. There is a big pole that you grab onto, don’t worry if you lose your grip because your harness is strapped to the pole. The people below you are there to pull you up to the height you want to be at and you chop the green rope and you swing. The zipline may be scary when you jump off. When you finish there is a tyre, it won’t hurt you it will just stop you from going too hard. When you climb up the tower it shakes a little when someone hits the tyre.

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