Our Vision and Values

Where Everyone Thrives

At Gallions we believe that everyone, pupils, staff and parents should have the opportunity to THRIVE. It is this core belief that underpins every aspect of school life and drives all that we do. We take pride in celebrating the rich diversity of our school community and embrace opportunities to learn from each other. We are a happy school, with passionate staff, who see children as individuals and work enthusiastically to ensure ALL children thrive.

Collaborative Cam Courageous Cali Independent Isaac Responsible Ravi  Resilient Rae Inquisitive Indi 

At Gallions, we facilitate this through our unique characters which represent our school values.  Each character represents a key behaviour which supports the development of our pupils as learners and thinkers. The whole staff team, parents and pupils are involved in promoting values and recognising where others are ‘living the values’. We encourage our pupils to regularly reflect on the different values and how these have enabled them to become effective learners. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to thrive, explore what our values mean and have a go at living them. Alongside our curriculum, we pride ourselves on our outstanding extra curricular opportunities, such as chess lessons, philosophy lessons and performing arts that enable are pupils to thrive and develop a wide set of skills and sense of self.

Our Values are:

At Gallions, we Take RESPONSIBILITY like Responsible Ravi

At Gallions, we Have COURAGE like Courageous Cali

At Gallions, we are RESILIENT learners like Resilient Rae

At Gallions, we are INQUISITIVE like Inquisitive Indi

At Gallions, we are INDEPENDENT learners like Independent Isaac

At Gallions, we Value each other and COLLABORATE like Collaborative Cam

At Gallions, We Enjoy learning