At Gallions, we aim to equip, encourage and empower every child to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Children are taught two hours of high quality PE lessons a week by their class teachers. PE lessons focus on teaching a child a specific skill which is then applied into a game like situation within the same lesson. This teaching approach develops the athletic ability of a child across all sports whilst ensuring children develop their sporting skills.

You can find what we teach and when by visiting our curriculum map here.

Through our vast PE curriculum we seek to develop a child’s physical, psychological, emotional and social ability. We ensure that every child is exposed to what it means to be physically confident. At Gallions, we recognise the importance of PE thus we strive to promote PE as a fundamental aspect of life. Children at Gallions are encouraged to take part in a range of extracurricular activities before, during and after school. Additionally, children at Gallions are given the opportunity to compete at a number of tournaments and competitions with local schools. This gives children the chance to put into practice what they have learnt in a new environment whilst testing their resilience, team-work and physical capability.

At Gallions, we believe that PE is about the participation of all – not the excellence of a few at the expense of the majority. Thus, we ensure that every child leaves Gallions having been able to partake in physical activity for a sustained period of time, lead a healthy active life, develop competence in a range of physical activity and engage in competitive sports. Ultimately we strive to ensure children enjoy moving, pushing their bodies beyond their mind and developing their physical competence.

In Year 3 children have an intensive two weeks of swimming lessons at the Aquatics Centre in Stratford. In Years 3, 4 and 5, children go on residential trip and have the opportunity to experience outdoor activities such as: caving, high ropes, orienteering and canoeing. Pupils at Gallions also have access to a wide range of PE activities through an extensive timetable of clubs, which include: Ballet, Cheer, Wallball, Yoga, Non-Contact Boxing and Karate.

Our Extended Schools Manager sources a wide array of Educational Visits and a few highlights have been:-

  • Tour of London Stadium
  • Invitation to the launch of West Ham United Players Project
  • Wimbledon
  • BBL Basketball Finals at The O2
  • Rugby Mascots for England Rugby League Four Nations.
  • Nitro ATP Tennis
  • International Hockey at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre
  • Wheelchair Tennis at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre
  • UEL Sports Scholar Events