At Gallions, we have a whole school approach to teaching PSHE and RSHE. Tying in closely with P4C, our teaching focuses on supporting the children to care more about what others say, to develop the ability to recognise differences and to explore these collaboratively. There are many opportunities for building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health. With a key focus on developing emotional literacy, our approach builds children’s self awareness and the recognition of one’s feelings and how to manage them.  We recognise that our children come from rich and varied home lives and believe that it is vital they learn about the differences and similarities in families, cultures and beliefs in order to enter the world as well rounded and confident citizens. 

We closely follow the Jigsaw scheme of work for three units of work: Being Me in My World, Relationships and Changing Me. Every lesson has two Learning Intentions, one specific to Relationships and Health Education and the other designed to develop emotional literacy and social skills. All Jigsaw lessons are mapped against the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. For example, the ‘Being Me In My World’  covers lots of the values in most lessons, where citizenship is learnt about; but the ‘Healthy Me’ there are also ample opportunities for learning about mutual respect, individual liberty and the rule of law. 

Each unit concludes by bringing the whole school together in shared learning. Throughout the year we celebrate and recognise other key aspects of PSHE learning such as Anti-bullying week, Mental health week, safer internet day and charity events such as children in need. 

RSE Curriculum

RSE stands for “relationships and sex education” and as part of relationship and health education is a new approach to teaching children about relationships and health.

The Relationships Education, RSE, and Health Education (England) Regulations 2019 have made Relationships Education compulsory in all primary schools. Sex education is not compulsory in primary schools.

All primary school children will be required to learn about relationships and health. Relationships and Health Education comprises two distinct areas:

  • Relationships
  • Physical health and mental wellbeing

By the time a child finishes primary school, they will have been taught about the following in Relationships Education:

  • Family and people who care for them.
  • Caring friendships.
  • Respectful relationships.
  • Online relationships.
  • Being safe.

Parent Curriculum Information

To support parents understanding of the ‘Changing Me’ curriculum we invite parents to a workshop to discuss the lessons that will be taught. If you are unable to make the meeting the slides can be accessed here, please always ask your class teacher if you have any questions:

KS1 ‘Changing me’ parents workshop slides

Year 3 & 4 ‘Changing me’ parents workshop slides

Year 5 & 6 ‘Changing me’ parents workshop slides