Online Safety

At Gallions we aim for our children to become confident users of the internet and have up-to-date resources and equipment that enable the internet to enhance their learning. However, we also recognise that using digital technology poses ever-evolving risks to our children’s safety. As such, it is crucial that we work in partnership with families to keep our children safe online, both inside and outside of school. At Gallions, online safety is taught as part of our computing curriculum. The content we teach is split into 4 strands:

Sharing Personal Information – Being mindful of what is shared online.
Evaluating Legitimacy – Considering the reliability of online sources of information.
Protecting Accounts – Setting safe passwords and keeping them secure.
Be Kind and Respectful – Developing empathy when communicating online to prevent cyberbullying.

In addition to our curriculum, Gallions has extensive security measures in place to keep children safe online. We have robust web filtering and monitoring systems which ensure children are unable to access harmful content while at school. All staff at Gallions have completed safeguarding training to understand the risks and dangers associated with online safety and act in accordance with our Online Safety Policy and Safeguarding Policy to help ensure children are safe.

It is vital that educators and parents work together to ensure that our online safety message is consistent at home and school. We encourage all parents and carers to speak to their children regularly about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online. For more information about online safety and protecting children from potential dangers at home, please come and speak to us. Alternatively you can find advice and guidance below.

Online Safety Policy and User Agreements

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