Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme: Read Write Inc (RWI)

At Gallions, we follow the Read Write Inc. (RWI) Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme with fidelity. All members of our Gallions RWI Phonics team receive RWI training before teaching the programme. Staff participate in weekly Practice Sessions and coaching ensuring our teachers continue to develop their teaching.

What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc. Phonics is a DfE-validated systematic synthetic phonics programme with a whole school approach to teaching early reading and writing, designed to ensure progress for every child – whatever their needs, whatever their background. We teach children to read sounds and blend them into words.

They apply this phonic knowledge to read and comprehend fully decodable books that are carefully matched to the sounds they know.

While your children are learning to read, they work in progress groups to master each level of phonics and reading. They are assessed and re-grouped every half-term. Children work in these progress groups for one hour each day. This means they are learning at their “challenge” level for five hours a week. (Reception children build up to this throughout the year).

Some children require extra practice to keep up so we provide additional tutoring. We accelerate the progress of these children with 10 minute tutoring every day. Comprehension skills, such as retrieval and inference, are built throughout the programme by giving opportunities to discuss and reflect on the text.  Accuracy and fluency is built upon through reading the same book at least three times at school, followed by the book being sent home for additional independent reading practice of a suitable decodable text.

In addition to RWI, we value exploring rich texts through daily storytime, text based writing sessions and by borrowing storybooks from the school library to be enjoyed at home with parents.

Would you like to learn more about our Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme?

Please visit the Ruth Miskin Training website and develop your knowledge on our Read Write Inc (RWI) synthetic phonics programme:

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