The Gallions Curriculum

Our creative curriculum is taught through a half-termly or termly topic, such as “Arctic Explorers”€™, €”Invasion”€™ and “€˜Ingenious Inventors”€™. Our Projects are led by science, history and geography.

In the Autumn Term, the whole school become Scientists and Inventors (science focus). In the Spring Term, we are Time Travellers (history focus) and in the Summer Term, we are Global Explorers (science and geography focus).

Skills and knowledge within science and the humanities are taught in a context and with clear purpose. We are developing our curriculum to become project based, starting with a question, which the children then find ways to answer.

We have seen areas of the school become caves, trenches and crash sites to hook the children into learning. The skills and knowledge they have developed are then shared through a “€˜grand finale€” event at the end of each term.

The children are involved in planning and creating this celebration of their learning. Please click on the links to explore subject areas.