DT is a subject that enables children to develop their creativity as well as a range of other key skills needed to ensure success in all areas of learning. At Gallions we use purposeful contexts and pose DT problems for the pupils to solve that link to and enhance other areas of our curriculum. For example in year 1 we use the topic of structures and stability in order to explore and create houses after reading ‘The Three Little Pigs’, linking our DT with both literacy and our science learning about materials and their properties.

DT at Gallions also enables our children to develop their ability to be reflective learners in a practical context. Pupils are guided by teachers in lessons to make observations, evaluate and improve both existing products and their own at all stages of the designing and making process.

We facilitate the children’s thinking using the mantra Think, Make, Break to support them in being successful in achieving their desired outcome.

Finger Fluency

Through our DT curriculum we also dedicate time to the acquisition of key physical and life skills to ensure that all pupils are able to create a product that is not only carefully designed but also carefully assembled. Activities that link to the learning that develop finger fluency are planned into the lesson sequences so that pupils have time to strengthen skills such as cutting and joining and food preparation skills such as slicing and juicing.