Performing Arts

We are very proud of the opportunities we give children to develop as performers at Gallions and the quality of performances we present strengthens every year. Every child in every year-group performs at least once a year. Our performances combine both dance and drama and are fully inclusive, involving every child.

We have a Performing Arts Lead and Performing Arts Team, who write the scripts, design the set and make every prop and costume. This leads to bespoke performances, which engage and challenge our pupils.

Through weekly Dance & Drama lessons for pupils in Reception to Year 6, our pupils build up skills in dance and drama technique and performance skills. Our Performing Arts foundations curriculum covers a breadth of skills in Dance, Drama and performance.  We believe that having secure foundations in the Performing Arts is paramount to successful learning in more specific areas of the subject later in education and across other subject areas. Experience of learning performing arts provides our children with several self-development opportunities such as, trying new things, building confidence and the therapeutic experience of connecting with the imagination

In 2023, highlights include Y5’s historical exploration of evacuation during World War 2 through dance, drama and song and Y6’s performance of their version of the Wizard of Oz at the Stratford Youth Zone which thoroughly entertained every member of the audience.