Iliad Project in Year 5

Iliad Project in Year 5

Gallions Primary School works with Jonny Walker from Otherwise Education to bring Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ to life for our Year 5 pupils. The Iliad Project runs for all of Autumn term 2 culminating in an exciting finale on the 6th December. Jonny Walker is a specialist teacher with a passion for helping pupils learn and love mythology and poetry.

Find out more about the Iliad project here

“The focus of the project is on developing deep enquiry, philosophical discussion and analytical skills. I make it very fun too – unashamedly so. Drawing out the strangeness of the story, with comedic retelling, ensures that all children will be able to access the story, and enjoy doing so.” – Otherwise Education

“Jonny is inspiring children by telling us stories from the past. Even older than the olden days…THOUSANDS of years ago!” – Saidah

Jonny also leads an incredible experience in the second half of the year where a small selection of pupils attend a four day Poetry Retreat in the New Forest with students from the other schools in our trust.

We are so grateful that Jonny continues to return to work with our school, he builds an incredible relationship with the pupils and the excitement for the sessions is palpable! It is also incredible professional development for our lucky Year 5 teachers.

“I like all the acting and learning Greek myths.” – Tomilola