School council –  Litter Picking event 

On the morning of Friday 17th January the school council organised a local litter pick. They wanted to make the area directly around the school cleaner and tidier and a safer place to walk. They spent an hour collecting litter, filling their bags with a huge amount of plastic bottles, glass bottles and tin cans. 11 children and 3 adults took part and in one hour we collected 10 full bin bags of rubbish. There were definitely points where we all felt a little bit overwhelmed by how much rubbish had been dropped but the impact was very clear. Here is what some of the school council had to say: 

Eleanora “I felt very tired by the amount of litter spread around” 

Aisha “I feel like we’ve changed the outside of the school for the good.” 

Aia “It looks and feels cleaner now. There was so much litter. Like hundreds of bits!” 

Zayan “The litter looks disgusting and sticks to your shoes. People shouldn’t drop it!” 

We are planning to go out again next month on Friday 28th April at 8.50am and would love some parents and members of the public to join us.