Year 3 History

On Wednesday, Year 3 were fortunate enough to be visited by Badger Bushcraft who hosted a Stone Age workshop to teach the year group all a bout the pre-historic times. The day started with Badger Bushcraft showcasing a whole range of tools where children were able to ask questions on how stone age people would use them. Badger Bushcraft taught us how people would  hunt animals, prepare food, make clothes and tools. Children even got a chance to wear a wooly covering which Badger Bushcraft made himself!

The second part of the workshop consisted of children getting into teams and building their own dens, just like how the stone age people would need to create shelter to sleep and live in. The children were provided with sticks and cable ties. The main objective was to fit everyone inside the den. The children had lots of fun and enjoyed learning about the pre-historic times.