School Council Excursion

This week’s latest news comes from the School Council. 

On Friday 4th November we were invited to take part in a local community litter –  picking event. We headed off on the bus at 9.45am and met the organisers at Will Thorne Pavillion at 10am. The children were given litter pickers, gloves and bags and we spoke about the importance of only picking up litter, avoiding sharp objects and broken glass. We split into two groups and competed to see which group could collect the most litter in an hour.

It very quickly became apparent that we were going to need a lot more time and people to really make a difference but we tackled a small area together and managed to fill 6 bin bags with litter. The children commented on the huge number of plastic and glass bottles and the  cans which had been discarded. We also found many single shoes and tubes of pringles! Through discussion we decided that we would like to try to repeat this activity on a more regular basis and that we would also like to really get the local community involved to help support us. Watch this space for more news of upcoming events! 

The children understood that it was important to educate people about the problems that litter can cause and decided that they could make posters and talk to people in the park about why it is important to dispose of litter properly. Ayesha also suggested writing to the local council and asking for more bins as we didn’t see any during our visit.

Aia lives very close to the park and said that the litter looked horrible and she hoped some people would come and help them pick more of it up. This year, we have decided to carry the School Council members over into the Autumn term for continuity. We will be voting for new members in the Spring term.