Year 3 Art in the Docks

This week our Year 3 pupils visited Art in the Docks. Art in the Docks is located just a short walk from Gallions at East London’s Royal Docks. It is a space where a diverse group of artists and makers work on painting, sculpting, textiles, performance art and more! They create and exhibit art! We were lucky enough to have the artist Christopher Mike arrange an incredible day for our pupils. We went with the hope of being inspired by works of art to create our own poetry! Mission accomplished – the poetry pupils are creating since the trip is fantastic!

We spent time with some incredible artists – Yuliya, Vincenzo, Neda, Linda and Christopher. They shared their art with us as we discussed what it made us think about and feel. The art links with teaching pupils about metaphors, onomatopoeia and more. We had such a fantastic morning and really appreciate the time the artists gave to our pupils.

We encourage all our families to pay Art in the Docks a visit!