Year 3 Poetry in the Docks

We have a lot of incredible poetry to share from the Year 3 trip to Art in the Docks. Neda taught our pupils that abstract art is created through colours and shapes which may not make an image we immediately recognise. She was inspired by the myth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. In turn, our student was inspired by Neda!

The Darkness

The blue sea the blue darkness sky

the sun is going down to the moon

darkness is coming

sun is down the moon is coming up

darkness is here!

oh no! the moon is here darkness,

the lightning is here, the feather


We were proud to receive some positive feedback from the artists who said 

What was particularly rewarding – and super interesting to us – was to see how these young minds are genuinely open to creative thought and imagination…

These children – at just 7 years of age – openly stated their desire to come and see future exhibitions, to meet the artists, see their work,  to hear why they do what they do. They want to fuel their own imaginations.”

We are always so proud when we are able to participate in the community and represent Gallions so well.